All roads lead to purpose

All roads lead to pupose

Written by Vicky Emery

June 1, 2022

I was talking with a long standing colleague this week about her next chapter. This is a person who is accomplished, experienced, highly competent and has a long list of achievements.

And then comes the next chapter of her life and the very interesting and slightly scary question of what that may look like. Someone who is very planned and intentional is facing almost starting again in her next steps.

And where does it need to start? Not the list of steps, not the spreadsheet, not the diary but with ‘purpose’. How can we live life – work, home, study, sport, family, travel and whatever else is in your bucket – if we are not clear on our purpose?

What’s your purpose?

This is the heart of a lot of the work I do as a consultant, coach, change manager and often I know people would like me to ‘give’ them their purpose. I’m always working on my own, let alone know what someone else’s is. But I CAN help you work it out.

It’ll be in there – the trick is to listen, sit with it, confront it, be terrified yet excited by it and be ready to look at the responses it may dig up! And I assure you, you will know when you see it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to define your purpose and how to achieve it, check out webinars and our Neuro Change Program™ to make real shift for real change.


Let me help you find YOUR purpose:

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