Change in Practice is prequalified for NSW Government Performance and Management Services Scheme SCM0005


We are delighted to work with the NSW Government


Over the last few weeks of isolation, I have found myself in ‘make and bake’ mode as a good balance of work at home and living at home.


How do we make a difference?


We work with local councils and other departments as they deploy change initiatives that impact their organisation, the community and environment. We provide experienced change management resources to get things done and raise adoption levels to land the needed benefits and results of the changes underway. We also work alongside leadership teams to build the change strategy needed over time to make sure the change ‘sticks’.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, you can book a call with me via our website.


How can we help?

  • Coaching – bringing in an ‘outside’ coach can help and that’s where we come in. We are ‘neutral territory’ and our focus as a coach to you is helping you achieve the outcomes you need of the change.
  • Plan to Land Change Workshop – we work with the change leader and their steering committee or project team to build the change strategy for the change and the action plan.
  • Leading Change Program – using Human Synergistics LSI1 & 2, we explore the current and future change leadership behaviours for individual leaders and their real-life application.
  • Leader’s Roadmap Pack – leading change in a crisis – we work with the leadership team to build a short-term, quick action plan.


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