How do I get out of my own way with change?

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Written by Vicky Emery

February 17, 2022

For years I’ve seen the missing link or bit that gets in the way of making true change – at an individual level, at team and organisational level.

How do we take the courageous step of exploring what’s in the way or, to put it more interestingly, looking at what lies on the other side and all that it could mean for us?

I keep my eyes and ears open to the latest thinking, research and models that bring together the ‘mechanics’ we need to lead and manage change AND how we actually make the new neural pathways we need to actually take those baby steps to change our thinking, behaviours and choices. Sometimes, there are deep patterns or mindsets at play. What do we DO with them?!

I am excited to say that I am halfway through completing my accreditation in the NeuroChange model and bringing it into my work. It has been phenomenal and started right where it needed to – with purpose. It brings the latest research in neuroscience, working WITH our brain and patterns to adopt and sustain conscious change.

I will be sharing more about the program and the tools over the coming weeks and, if you’d like to talk about it or learn more, please send me a message or book a meeting directly into my diary.


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