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Our '5 Steps to Landing your Change' approach

Our mission is to help you and your organisation lead and land better change – that means getting the targeted results of the change initiative and making them stick.

No two changes are the same and to ‘right-fit’ the solution, you need to sort through the complexity, apply flexible thinking and identify pragmatic options.

Our ‘5 Steps to Landing your Change’ approach means we can save you time and money by coming up with the change strategy that works.


5 Steps To Landing Your Change
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Our philosophy

We help you get the most out of your preferred framework.

We are methodology agnostic and can work with a range of frameworks and methodologies or your existing models or can recommend a best-fit option. We have deep expertise in making the most of your investment in Prosci’s methodology and tools.

We use our experience to 'right-fit' the approach to landing your change.

Our team are all resilient and seasoned practitioners, coaches and senior business leaders.  We work quickly to understand your challenges and opportunities and craft a cost-effective strategy that factors in your timeframe, outcomes, team, capacity, culture, geography, history of change, appetite, budget and readiness. We can provide a short-term or long-term view. We can play a 'light' to a 'heavy' role in creating and implementing that strategy with you.

We look for ways to build change muscle within your organisation.

We leave your team members and ultimately your organisation armed with the skills and tools to continue landing current and future change projects. We have a wide range of approaches and tools and we will use what is most effective for you.

We use the latest research and evidence in change management, leadership, culture and neuroscience.

We keep up to date with the latest thinking and developments in what works and what does not to build in techniques that help your organisation shift to the new behaviours, break old habits and establish new ones.

We incorporate the Neuro Change Method™ as it presents wide-ranging benefits for general wellbeing in life, sports, business, relationships, money, study, and emotional health.


Here are just three examples of the work we have recently completed for our clients. Get in touch if we can help your organisation lead and land better change.

Change in Practice Case Study - Home care
Change in Practice Case Study - Government
Change in Practice Case Study - utilities

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