So, what do you want next year to be about?

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Written by Vicky Emery

December 7, 2021

I have a long-established practice of using the Christmas break to take stock of the year just gone – to look at what I’ve achieved (and perhaps not achieved), the relationships that matter, what I’ve learned and what I am thankful for. What surprised me, terrified me and intrigued me.

And, the big one, what will this next year be about?

What new products and services can I see as being important for clients? What is the leading edge in change leadership and culture change and how do I play in that? What new areas can I learn more about? What will I do to maintain my equilibrium and health?

I don’t start with a blank piece of paper – I usually sit with these questions over a week or two and, with the slower pace that I enjoy on any break, listen to my head, my heart and my gut. They know a lot! And, they tell me pretty clearly if I only just listen and have the courage to really hear it and put things in place.

I already know a big element of my 2022 will be bringing new neuroscience to helping individuals and organisations change habits and behaviours at a deep level – including myself. Rewriting neural pathways to make change stick. It’s often the missing (and hardest) link in successful change and I have a lot of questions to find the answers to! Stay tuned as this develops in early 2022.

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So, what do you want your next year to be about?

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