Time to change how we change

I’ve been working in Change Management for over 25+ years – I love this field! I enjoy the wild ride that comes with leading and landing change – as a leader myself and working with organisations and individuals to get to grips with the real nature of the change. What do we have to stop, start and continue doing? What are the impacts (warts and all!) on our people? What will it really take to land the change well?

I always search for ways to:

  • connect the change to people’s drivers, sense of purpose and desire points
  • bring science and front-edge approaches and research into my work
  • bring courageous connections with people to meet them where they are to understand where they want to go so we can look at how to get there

How do we safely bring to light the very things that may be getting in the way of adopting new ways of thinking, skills and behaviours to light, especially in well-trodden ways of doing things? How do we explore it and decide what to do with it, possibly including how to do it differently?

I recently certified in the NeuroChange method and have been applying it to pursuing my own goals.

I am clearer on and aligned to my revised goals and why they matter, I can see the shift in my limiting beliefs and am changing old approaches that were not really working anymore.

This powerful link to the latest research in neuroscience is already impacting my effectiveness as a change practitioner and leadership coach. I can see the impact on the coaching conversations I am having with clients – parking the old negative self-talk and replacing it with much more effective techniques that work WITH the brain’s neuroplasticity.

I am working on the programs that I will lead to help individuals achieve their goals as well as organisations to achieve the outcomes they need from their strategic changes.

In the meantime, I would encourage you to explore NeuroChange and how you could apply it to your life and your work as a practitioner.

Learn more about the NeuroChange Method

If you’d like to learn more about the NeuroChange Practitioner course, click on the links below:

In my next blog, I will explain the practitioner program in more detail – what it covers, how it is validated, who is it for and questions to consider.


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