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How do you ‘buy’ change management 2

How are you leveraging your number 1 success factor – effective change leaders?

Why do we ‘do’ change management – it’s allllll about results with people.

If you’re a project or change manager, you have a lot of change to help your Sponsor land right now!

Helping Senior Leaders Land their change.

Our ‘5 Steps to Landing Your Change’ approach.

Some examples of recent client work.

Our 3 service areas to help land your change.

Who is Change in Practice and how do we help land your change?

How we work with our clients.

Case Study: Culture Change.


Here are just three examples of the work we have recently completed for our clients. Get in touch if we can help your organisation lead and land better change.

Change in Practice Case Study - Home care
Change in Practice Case Study - Government
Change in Practice Case Study - utilities