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Welcome to The One Day… Program!

I am delighted to work with you through this remarkable program – a way to find clarity, focus, flow and the tools for change, incorporating the latest in neuro science.

All the information you need is here on this welcome page. I am so excited to begin – let’s get you set up.

The One Day program

How to complete the program

The One Day program - there are 2 parts
  • Weekly live 2hr group sessions via Zoom: with myself and the other participants in your group.
    • We will cover any insights or questions from the previous week, cover that week’s topic, discuss your questions and apply techniques that you can practice after the call
  • Self-paced learning via Thinkific – complete the learning in your way and at the times that suit you.
    • The online modules are hosted by Neuro Change Institute via Thinkific – an online learning system.
    • You’ll need about 1 – 2hrs a week to complete the online learning and apply the techniques and consider your results.


What to do next

steps for The One Day Program with Vicky Emery

Step 1: Add the dates and times for Live Zoom Sessions to your diary.

Step 2: Complete the Enrolment form at the bottom of this page – I need this information to register you in the program management system.

Within 24hrs of you submitting this form, I will enrol you into the program management system which triggers the email you will receive in Step 3.

Step 3: Receive and print your ‘Purpose and Flow Manual’ (limited printing available – not downloadable) and complete before the first live session on 2nd August 2022.

  • 1-2 working days after you’ve enrolled, you will receive an email from Life in Balance Careers with a link to the ‘Purpose and Flow Manual’.
  • The email will show as ‘From: Digify <no-reply@digify.com>’, a secure way of sending large files. The subject of the email will be: ‘Subject: Notification of file sent by Life in Balance Careers Pty Ltd Admin’.
  • Check your spam or junk folders for this email.

Step 4: Set up access to your online learning by creating a Thinkific account – use this link to enrol ‘free’

  • The $995 fee has already been paid so click the ‘Enrol Free’ button and complete the registration process, setting up your password and account
  • Modules will be ‘turned on’ in pairs (eg., Mod 1 & 2, 3 & 4 etc), 2 weeks before the live group sessions – You will get more out of focusing on the current week’s topic and not rushing ahead. In fact, we talk about the neuroscience behind this ‘narrow and deep’ ‘deliberate practice’ in the program.
  • In Thinkific, you will find the notes for each module, workbooks (not printable) and supporting summary information
  • You can access this content for up to 3 months after the program.

Step 5: Request to join the private LinkedIn group for this program – stay connected, share ideas and ask for input.

What would you like to rewrite or change?

About me and why this program?

My purpose is courageous connection that makes a difference – connection that sees people where they are in a safe and authentic way, understands where they want to be and why and exploring ways to get there. And, of course, cheering you on as you go!

I’ve been a change specialist, coach and facilitator for over 25 years, working with organisations and individuals to lead and land change. I use models and approaches that are evidence-based and work in real life, helping people adapt, change and live their life to their fullest potential.

In sourcing the best approaches and content around the world, I have partnered with Life In Balance, creators of the Neuro Change model and the content we will work through in the program. I am an accredited Neuro Change Practitioner and Mentor. You can read my bio here.

The program content has been written by expert Neuro Scientists from around the world, from universities include Harvard, Stanford and Birmingham, leveraging their latest findings about what drives our emotions and responses, how the brain can re-write our old patterns and create new behaviours and results. And, of course, what it takes for that to be successful!

This work isn’t as simple as downloading the latest app or just signing up. If you (or any of us) are going to make a difference, we need to show up. This is courageous, inspiring, committed, exhausting and rewarding work and this program will take you through the process, step by step.

About the program

During the program, we will explore 4 areas:

The One Day program - 4 areas

Over 6 weeks, we will work through those areas in 6 modules:

The One Day program - 6 modules

This could be the very thing to help you make the breakthroughs to achieve your goals much faster than ever before!

How to make the most out of the live sessions

Not everyone is comfortable or ready to speak up in group sessions. I will not ask you to share anything that you are not comfortable to share. While I encourage you to share your questions, insights, outcomes and self-observations in our live sessions as you apply the techniques, what you contribute is in your hands.

Although, the reasons behind not wanting to contribute in groups could be an interesting area of self-reflection…

How to navigate each week

It depends on your learning style, available time and how you are progressing with the activities of each module. There is no right or wrong way, you can either:

  • Complete your online learning for that week’s topic, then participate in the group session:
    • The group session provides deeper content ahead of you applying the techniques or learning after the group session
    • Module content only becomes available the Sunday evening before our group session.


  • Live group session first, then complete your online learning:
    • It is a good way to reinforce what we would have covered in the group session and sets you up well to apply the techniques from the session over the week, ready to share your insights and outcomes in the next group session.
    • You might want to have the module workbook handy in the live session.

Let’s make a commitment about privacy and confidentiality

It is critically important to me that we commit to maintaining and respecting the privacy of all participants and keep what is said or shared in the live sessions in those sessions. What happens in Zoom, stays in Zoom!

For that reason, I do not record the sessions. It is an important element of building and maintaining trust and the foundation of meaningful conversations that make a difference.


You won’t be alone in this program. If you would like a quick check-in with me between live sessions or have specific questions to ask, you can:


Enjoy working through the Purpose and Flow State prework and welcome to the program and group. I look forward to working together over the coming weeks.

Vicky Emery

What you’ll gain

Happiness can be cultivated, from the Neuro Change™ Method you will go on to:

  • Adapt and recover from established biases
  • Use the malleable aspects of the brain to improve health, happiness, and wealth
  • Reframe your world and rewire your Brain
  • Become the sculptor of your own Brain
  • Allow the new you to emerge
  • Renew your brain
  • Achieve excellence in any pursuit
  • Increased levels of consciousness.

What clients are saying

“The material is very rich in knowledge and well designed in a way that it is very simple to understand and follow through… Whether it was during the live sessions or during the self study time, I really enjoyed every second of this journey!”

What clients are saying

“I am fascinated with the concept of neuroplasticity and I feel motivated in a new way. This was the final piece to my puzzle.”

What clients are saying

“Game Changer. This opening module touched me to the core, have learned some amazing and practical things.”

What clients are saying

“Thank you – my growth mindset has certainly grown and flourished.”

What clients are saying

“Neuro Change Method is a transformational course. This course…It’s a life changing experience towards my personal as well as professional life, thank you so much for putting this information together.”

Enrol here

Please complete the enrolment form so that we have all your details.