What’s getting in the way of what you want to achieve?

The Neuro Change Method

Written by Vicky Emery

April 12, 2022

Is it time to change how we change – get real shift using the science of real change

For years I’ve been looking for a way of helping my clients (organisations or individuals) really tackle what’s getting in the way of nailing what they need or want to achieve. At work, at home and beyond. I hear them struggle with things like being a better communicator, have a better working relationship with their boss or team, balancing things better, land their dream role, start a business, improve their health, learn a language, save for a house or trip or just move for 30mins a day! That last one could just be me…

What will help them achieve the deep shift they are looking for?

Nailing the changes in the thinking or behaviours we KNOW will impact our performance, sense of achievement, health and success. Busting behaviours and habits that no longer serve us.

So what gets in the way?

Our old patterns and stories drive us, often without our thinking about it. What are the fixed mindsets that you might be bringing to a situation, change or challenge? Where does it come from and how would you like or need it to be different to achieve what you might be striving for?

I’ve been studying and applying neuroscience for 10 years as it brings so much understanding about how our brains can help or hinder us in our pursuit of our goals. For some of us, even the idea of ‘goals’ is terrifying!

How can we use the neuroplasticity of our brain to learn new skills, re-write our stories and mindsets to develop new behaviours until they become ‘just how I do things’?

I’ve seen clients struggle with this and beat themselves up for not seeming to be able to shift. I’ve been in that same boat myself.

What can we practically do to change that? I am delighted to partner with Life in Balance and the NeuroScience Institute to bring the NeuroChange Method program to my clients.

This 8 week program is a best-in-class program and here’s why:

  • it has been created by NeuroScientists from universities including Harvard, Stanford and Cornell
  • it is based on the latest research and evidence into neuroplasticity – our brain’s ability to grow, change and learn
  • it builds in the theory and activities to help you work WITH your brain – observe your thinking and actions, determine the change you want to see, set ‘nudge’ goals and apply the steps to re-write your thinking and behaviour over time
  • it combines self-paced content and live sessions so you can discuss your observations, questions and insights with one of our Certified NeuroChange Coaches (Practitioner)
  • group program with participants from all over the world and from a wide range of industries to broaden your learning
  • spans a timeframe that gives you time to make meaningful change and re-write (some say ‘rewire’ your brain).

Our first ‘public’ program starts 31 May

Our first ‘public’ program will begin on 31 May 2022 and I can’t believe the response we’ve had – it seems like perfect timing for a lot of folks!

This is deliberate, courageous and effortful work – if you think it’s time to try a different way to achieve your goals or re-write old stories, I can’t wait to work with you. Let’s get started!

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