Happy 1st Birthday to Change in Practice!

Change in Practice birthday balloons

Written by Vicky Emery

July 1, 2021

Happy 1st Birthday to Change in Practice!

Well, what a milestone! And what a time 2020 was to open our doors…

In the last 12 months we have worked with interesting and varied businesses and teams to help them lead and land successful change. We’ve helped make the complex more clear and ‘right-sized’ their change strategies to get results.

Projects have included starting to determine the culture the client needed and actually shifting towards it, looking at the change of behaviours needed to be a more efficient organisation and learning how to measure that, building ability to manage change better to make change stick and so many one-on-one coaching conversations with leaders who want to do things differently and make a difference for their team and customers. Our purpose is to walk alongside our clients to lead and land better change.

We can only do this work with people and organisations ready to look at the tough stuff and with a desire to achieve their true purpose. A humble thank you to our clients (you know who you are), the amazing senior change experts that are our team, the colleagues in this field from whom and with whom we continue to learn and have true impact and the support crew that helped me set things up in an unusual time. We’ve hit every goal we set and here’s to the next stage!

Vicky Emery
Managing Director, MAICD

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