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The NeuroChange Method™ Program

Enrol in our public program - 28 June - 16 August 2022 (1.5hr live session a week for 8 weeks plus online self-paced learning)

What's getting in the way of what you would like to achieve? Is it time to change how we change?

Our old patterns and stories often drive our behaviour without us being aware of the impact that has on our success. If you'd like to learn new ways of thinking and crafting new behaviours, this program is for you. Suitable for any role, any field or industry and any level within the organisation.

This program is brand new and brings the latest research and techniques in neuroscience - using the neuroplasticity of our brains to bust old habits and re-write them to live and work in a way that is aligned to your purpose and achieve your goals.

What will you receive?

  • You will receive access to 6 online learning modules, workbooks and theory over 8 weeks, 1 x 1.5hr live session a week for 8 weeks; a certificate of completion
  • $1750 inc GST per person

This program is also available for a group within your organisation, tailored to their role or a change initiative. Book a call with us to discuss how this can work for you.

Book this 8 week program: $1750


Change Advisory Service

Is your change initiative or portfolio stuck, off strategy or just getting started?

Want to get the most out of your change initiatives?

  • Do you need to shift the change leadership behaviours within the organisation?
  • Do you want to know how you are tracking to change management best practice?
  • Do you need help with the change of building Enterprise Change Capability?

We bring focus to what it will take to land a specific change, the pragmatic options and risks and to aid decision-making. For all that to work, you need consultants you can trust – we are separate from company politics and agendas. Our aim is to provide the best advice on how to achieve the adoption of your change initiatives, build solid change leadership behaviours and deliver results. You can purchase one day or multiple.

Full-day with Senior Consultant: $2450

Half-day with Senior Consultant: $1225


Nailing Your Change Purpose Coaching Session

Be clear on your purpose, where you are heading and why

We found it is often tricky to nail the ‘purpose’ of your change initiative – why are we doing this change in the first place? It is more than what may be written in the project scope or problem statement and needs to include not only the ‘thing’ that is being built or changed but what it has to look like in use – imagine we are in the end- state. What will it look like on the ground? What behaviour or activity has changed to deliver our goal?

Starting with a blank piece of paper is tricky so we created a 4 steps thinking process to help prime the pump.

This package includes:

  • a step-by-step 15 page workbook to help you apply the 4 step approach to your real-life changes
  • 60mins private coaching session to review your insights and refine your plan

NOTE: upon purchase, within 24hrs you will be receive:

  • an email with a link and password to securely download your Coaching Workbook
  • and information on how to book your coaching session.


Nailing Your Change Purpose Coaching Workbook

Effectiveness Coaching – 1:1 virtual Coaching sessions

Build change muscle faster with regular, focused coaching

  • Using Prosci methodology and tools and don’t know what to do next?
  • Preparing for a change review and want help in the right language or approach?
  • Need a sounding board for your next steps as an effective Sponsor of change?
  • Need advice on working with a Sponsor or coalition?
  • Want advice on your career path in Change Management?

Building your skills as an effective leader of change or change practitioner can boost your success rates by at least 40%.

Our coaches are experienced senior business leader and change practitioners, and have worked on a wide range of change initiatives in all industries. Whether it is specific skills you want to target or guidance on a specific change and how to land it, we will work with you to achieve results. You can purchase 1 hour or multiple sessions.

We can also refer to your existing 360 degree assessment results to further develop your leadership effectiveness – we use Human Synergistics’ LSI1&2 or About My Brain Institute’s i4 Neuroleader assessment. If you would like to undertake an assessment, we can discuss the right-fit one for you and the investment.


team meeting

Effectiveness Coaching – 360 degree feedback and debriefing session

Starting with 360 degree feedback gives you a great benchmark and insight into your areas of strength to be leveraged and areas to transform

If you would like to undertake an assessment, we can discuss the right-fit one for you and the investment.

We use:

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x 360 degree assessment (for minimum 5 and up to 10 respondents) – $440 inc GST
  • 1 x 90min debrief session – $530 inc GST


Select your assessment

‘Phone a Change Friend’ virtual coaching service

Access up to 8hrs of coaching advice as and when you need it

Need something more flexible than scheduled sessions? Want a ‘bank’ of hours you can access as you need?

This service can be accessed by you, your team or other stakeholders you nominate to address specific situations or concerns as they arise in the lifecycle of your change initiative.

Use in minimum 30mins blocks and we will keep you up to date with the hours you have available. 


woman in denim shirt and glasses

Coaching Circles subscription – small group virtual coaching

A cost effective way to access regular coaching with people from a range of industries

Stretch your budget further by participating in our monthly small group Coaching Circles virtual sessions. Each 90mins session is led by one of our senior coaches who will answer your questions, share practical tips and approaches to help you deliver results. You will learn from people who, like you, are working to lead and land better change. 


Change in Practice Case Study - Government

Book a free Discovery Call

In this call, we can get to know each other

Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what’s next? Want help with right-sizing your change strategy? Do you need something specific to your organisation?

We work with you to right-size your approach, starting with a complimentary 45mins-65mins Discovery call. In this call, we can get to know each other and:

  • learn more about what you are trying to achieve
  • understand where you are now
  • outline the cost-effective options to build adoption for your change, develop your change leaders or begin culture transformation. 

Keynote Speaker

Introducing Vicky Emery
Managing Director of Change In Practice

Experienced and engaging keynote speaker, senior advisor and change practitioner of 25+ years.


  • Guest Speaker and presenter
  • Facilitator for large or small groups
  • Coach for change practitioners, people leaders and senior leaders
  • Designer and Facilitator of workshops and learning programs in Change Management and Change Leadership.

Suitable for a range of industries and sectors, read more.

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