What watercolours are teaching me about change and leadership – 3: working with hue

In this blog, I want to share lessons learned from working with hue – the shade or intensity of a colour. So directly linked to what we do as change practitioners and change leaders!

Rarely do I work with just the colour straight out of the tube. You play with the intensity of the colour, mix it with other colours and hues and create these amazing colours that you just can’t get out of a tube!

You may never be able to or need to recreate that colour but this approach allows you to create what you need when you need it – to capture a particular colour in a sunset or flower. I still have the same toolkit but I can use it in uncountable ways.

I can add depth or intensity and dial it back if I need to. And then, in a moment, the watercolour works its magic to create something I didn’t see coming nor could I have made.

I love that aspect of leading change, too, especially when working with culture shift. Added with the idea of small steps and time, it enables you to take advantage of the unique combinations that can happen in some workplaces or teams. Learn the nuances of hue – of how deep or lightly you need to go, of how you can use what is already working to address what is not and celebrate the leaps that happen when you least expect it but are present enough to appreciate.

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Watercolour by Vicky Emery.

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