Stopping the action-Jackson

bat and balls courtesy HBR

Written by Vicky Emery

January 13, 2021

Photo courtesy HBR.

Sometimes stopping the action-Jackson drive is the biggest step towards change.

As Senior leaders, we are conditioned to be always moving towards something, taking action, making decisions.
One daily powerful ‘action’ looks like you might be ‘doing’ nothing – Taking 15 mins to reflect on your day. A common element in coaching but often one of the trickiest bits! No criticism or judgement, no ‘should have’, just reviewing what worked and what didn’t in your day.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) found that people were able to improve their own performance by 20% after spending 15 minutes at the end of each day writing reflections on what they did well, what they did wrong, and their lessons learned. Coupled with a willingness to then do something with that insight. That’s change at a fundamental level and at the most impactful level.

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